8 Tips On Downsizing Your Home In Nashville

Downsizing your home can be beneficial no matter what stage of life you are in. Having all that extra stuff can feel cumbersome and overwhelming. In our latest post, we discuss easy ways to downsize your house without all the stress.

Downsizing Your Home, Why?

With each year that passes, it seems that most of us gain more and more stuff. Many of us have closets filled with items we aren’t using, and things stored away in the attic that never see the light of day. Many people buy a home when they are first starting their family, ensuring they have enough space for everyone. But as the years pass and the kids eventually move out on their own, they find they are living in a house that is too large and filled with too much stuff to manage. Below we offer some best tips on downsizing from a house to a condo or a smaller house. It may be you are retiring and these 8 tips will describe how to downsize your house for retirement. And these downsizing strategies will make it easier to sell your house when you are ready.

Tip #1 – The One Year Rule

You might have heard this rule for your closets. Turn all the hangers backward, and anything still backward in a year should be given away. These are the items you don’t wear, but that are taking up valuable real estate in your closet. While you might have one or two sentimental items, try to keep these to a minimum. You can also apply this rule to other clutter-prone areas of your house. Think kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, old DVD’s, and so on. If you haven’t used it in the past year, the odds are pretty low that it will get any use in the future. So downsize and declutter!

Downsizing your home requires a little organization and lots of boxes. 🙂

Tip #2 – Repurpose And Give

You likely have many things you are keeping due to sentimental value. While it is more than ok to hang on to some of this stuff, having too much can weigh you down. Maybe your kids or grandkids would love to have your old Chrismas ornaments that are lying around in the closet. Things such as old toys, clothes, and artworks can find new homes with people you love. This way you can find joy in knowing they are being used and loved, without taking up storage space in your house.

Tip #3 – Look Through All The Boxes

Sure, this might seel like a lot of work. But for many people, they will find that all kinds of random possessions have accumulated. They will only end up keeping one or two things, giving away or throwing away the rest. You might be surprised at what has piled up over the years!

Tip #4 – Assess Your Furniture

Do you need the massive sectional sofa anymore? Is the giant coffee table still a necessity? Think about your future new space, and what kind of items will fit nicely. You can ditch the entertainment center, and instead, hang the TV up on a wall. You can opt for a smaller couch, dining table, etc. You can sell these items, and use the cash toward new furniture for your new space.

Tip #5 – Digitize Where It Makes Sense

Piles of papers all over the house. Does this sound familiar? It seems we all have a stack of papers (or 5) that we are going to get around to dealing with. Make that time now and toss or shred anything that is no longer needed. You can scan in old bills and receipts if needed, and opt to go paperless for future statements. Make a rule to deal with mail as it comes in instead of letting it pile up everywhere.

Tip #6 – Get Rid Of The Dupes

Do you need 4 sets of wine glasses or will one set do? Do you need two desks in the office or can you share one? There are many instances where people buy 2 of something, never using both at the same time. Take an inventory and keep your favorite items, giving away or selling the other items.

Tip #7 – Organize Everything

Before moving, take the time to organize all of your belongings. Group books, glassware, clothing, and other items. This will make packing and moving simple when you decide to go. Label all boxes and only pack similar items together.

Tip #8 – Hire A Pro

Yes, there is such a thing. You can hire a professional organizer to help you clear out the clutter. They can offer objective opinions if you are debating holding on to an unused item. They will help you get your belongings in order, making an eventual move a breeze. And remember, when downsizing your home, those things you no longer need but someone else might consider Goodwill or ARC of Davidson County for a taxable donation.

A short checklist might help you in a serious downsizing. 1. Sort all of the things that you want to keep. Label the boxes and photograph everything with a digital camera or smartphone. 2. Things you don’t need, sell them! Facebook marketplace is a great place to start. A garage sale is always an option too. 3. What you don’t sell, donate! We spoke about that above. 4. The remaining unwanted items from your downsizing and starting over is to recycle what you can and then trash the rest.

Now that you have downsized to sell your house, are you going to use a realtor, sell it yourself or sell to a local professional real estate investor? [Our article on selling a house without a realtor might interest you.] If you need to sell quickly or the house is in need of repairs, the easiest and fastest way to sell and close is with the real estate investor. Also using an investor to buy your house will save you from all the realtor open houses and buyers coming day and night and weekends. These direct buyers are looking for houses like yours to buy. You don’t even have to clean, they will take care of that as well as make all repairs.

The real estate investor is an option for you and they pay cash and close quickly as little as in 7 days or whenever you prefer. This is how we work at Southern Homes Investments. We would love to speak to you about your house or condo and see how we can help you. Give us a call at 615-235-0612, we look forward to speaking to you. You can also read about us online at SouthernHomesInvestments.com and you might find it helpful to read our article Our Middle Tennessee Cash for Houses Program.

Want to learn more about downsizing your home in the Nashville TN area? Southern Homes Investments is here to help you! Contact us today to learn more! 615-235-0612

Disclaimer: David Wright is a licensed real estate agent and this is not a solicitation to list your house.

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